What town has the lowest cost on auto insurance? Round III – Eaton versus Lebanon

My auto insurance is the best!

Our search continues for the town or city with the some of the lowest auto insurance prices in the Dayton-Cincinnati region.

As we have discussed before, one of the factors used by insurance companies to determine the cost of your auto insurance is where you live. Rates vary from city to city, town to town.

Our study is not complete in any manner, as we have not included all the towns and suburbs in the Dayton-Cincinnati area. Furthermore, all these comparisons have been quoted with just one company, Progressive Insurance. We are an independent insurance agency in Franklin, Ohio and Progressive Insurance is just one of the companies we represent.

The comparisons used all of the same conditions, age of drivers, driving records, vehicles, coverages, etc., except for where the people lived.  You can see the factors that are being used in the original blog post here

The quotes shown are for two “full coverage” vehicles for six months.

The results:

City of  Eaton (45320) $ 424.00

City of Lebanon (45036) $ 386.00

Next match-up: Franklin versus Germantown

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