The search for the best auto insurance rates – Round 2: Hamilton versus Beavercreek

My insurance rates are better! Round II

The search for the town with the best auto insurance rate: Round 2: Hamilton versus Beavercreek 

Auto insurance rates differ from one community to another. We are on a mission to find out which city or town has some of the lowest rates in the Dayton-Cincinnati region.

The factors we used for all the quotes can be found in our original blog article here.  All the factors that were used in calculating the quotes:  the age of the drivers, the vehicles, driving record, etc. were all the same except for where the people live. The real purpose of this exercise is to illustrate how auto insurance rates can be less (or more) just because of where you live.

As a Progressive independent insurance agent, we decided to use their rates in these comparisons. All rates quoted are for 6 months.

Now on to the round 2 match-up:

City of  Hamilton (45011): $ 434.00  

City of Beavercreek (45431): $ 402.00

Keep in mind, the rates shown are for the factors used above and are for illustration purposes only. We are an independent insurance agency and besides Progressive, we represent many other fine companies, such as Allied, a Nationwide Insurance Company, State Auto, Ohio Mutual, Donegal, Pekin Insurance, Hartford, Travelers and American Commerce. It is possible there is a company that could have more competitive rates than what are shown here . Also keep in mind that most companies offer an additional discount on your auto insurance if you also insure your home with them. Please contact us to get more information or you can get an instant quote here.

Up Next: Eaton versus Lebanon

Footnote: We decided to keep using the same photo for this series of blog articles. We think it’s hilarious.

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