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Business Owners Insurance

Shop Once Insurance provides Business owners insurance to the greater Dayton-Cincinnati region in southwest Ohio.

Shopping for business insurance has never been easier!
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Most of the business classes that are on our list qualify for a Businessowner’s policy. That’s a policy that combines property and general liability coverage and packages other valuable coverages with it such as loss of business income.

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Air Conditioning System Service or Repair
Alignment and Brakes
Auto Body Repair (including incidental frame straightening)
Auto Glass Repair
Car Washes
Carburetor Shops
Electrical and Ignition Service or Repair
Emission Testing
General Automotive Service or Repair
Muffler Shops
Paint Shops – With Minor Body Repair
Quick Lube
Radiator Service or Repair
Sound Shops
Tire Dealer
Transmission Service or Repair
American Food – Family Style
Bakery – Consumption on Premises – Limited Cooking
Bagelry – Limited CookingBarbecue Restaurant – Family Style
Cafeteria/Buffet Style
Coffee Shop
Donut Shop – Limited Cooking
Drive-in/Service in Car (Not Drive Thru)
Drive through – Limited Cooking
Ethnic Restaurant
Fast Food – Franchised Only – Without Playground
Fast Food – Franchised Only – With Playground
Fast Food – Not Franchised – Without Playground
Ice Cream ShopItalian
Meal Preparation Store
Pizza – Take Out Only
Pizza Parlor
Restaurant – NOC
Sandwich Shop – Limited Cooking
Steak House
Take Out Only Restaurant – NOC
Yogurt shops – Frozen – Limited Cooking
Duplex – Single Building with 2 residential units
Triplex – Single Building with 3 residential units
4 Family Dwelling – Single Building with 4 residential units
Apartment Building – Single Building with five or more residential units
Apartment Complex – Multiple Buildings with five or more residential units
Retirement Apartments – Single Building with five or more residential units
Retirement Apartments – Multiple Buildings with five or more residential units
Condominium Association – Single Building with five or more residential units
Condominium Association – Multiple Buildings with five or more residential units
Townhouse Association – Single Building with five or more residential units
Townhouse Association – Multiple Buildings with five or more residential units
Motel – Single Building at a Premises with five or more units

  • Three (3) stories or less
  • Four (4) stories
  • Five (5) stories
  • Six (6) stories
  • Seven (7) stories & over Ineligible

Motel – Multiple Buildings at a Premises with five or more units

  • Three (3) stories or less
  • Four (4) stories
  • Five (5) stories
  • Six (6) stories
  • Seven (7) stories & over Ineligible

Bed & Breakfasts
Country Inns

Accounting and Bookkeeping FirmsActuarial Services
Adjusters – Independent
Advertising Agencies
Appraisers – Real Estate
Architects – Consulting – Not engaged in actual construction
Artists – Commercial & Graphic
Associations, including Trade
Bookkeeping Firms
Brokers – Stock, Commodity, or Other Similar
Business Management, Administration & Consulting
Chamber Of Commerce
Communication Consultants (No Broadcasting or Newsletter Activities)
Credit Unions
Credit, Collection & Loan Services
Data Processing Consultants
Dentists and Dental Surgeons
Dispensaries or Infirmaries
Educational Consultants
Employment Agencies
Engineers – Consulting – Not engaged in actual Construction Financial Planning Consultants
Insurance Agents
Interior Decorator
Investment Brokers
Management Consultants
Manufacturers Agents and Representatives
Marriage Counselors
Market Survey Organizations
Medical Clinics – Outpatient only
Mortgage Brokers
Notaries – Public
Offices or Agencies – Condominium
Offices or Agencies – NOC
Offices – Professional – NOC
Opticians (Professional Liability Coverage Available)
Optometrists (Professional Liability Coverage Available)
Osteopathic Physicians
Physicians and Surgeons
Public Relations
Real Estate Agents
Tax Return Preparation
Telephone Answering Service
Ticket Agencies
Title Abstract Companies
Travel Agencies – not conducting tours
Veterinarians – Household animals (Professional Liability Coverage Available)
Veterinarians – Other than Household animals (Professional Liability Coverage Available)
Addressing or Mailing Companies
Appliances and their Accessories – Installation, Servicing or Repair
Bakeries – Less than 10% retail sales – no consumption on premises
Barber Shops (Professional Liability Available)
Beauty Parlors and Hair Styling Salons (Professional Liability Available)
Business Form PrintingComputers Service & Repair
Copying and Duplicating Services
Dental Laboratories
Diaper Service
Dry Cleaners and Laundries
Embroidery Shop
Funeral Homes or Chapels (Professional Liability Available)
Microfilming Service
Pet Grooming – Household Animals Only – No veterinary services
Photocopy Services
Photo Finishing Shops or Labs –
Photographers – Studio Only
Plant Maintenance Services (interior flora or foliage) for office or commercial properties only
Printers (includes – Printers Errors and Omissions Liability)
Shoe Repair Shops
Silk Screening – less than 10% of solvent or solvent based inks
Classification includes creating signs and banners by computer
Tailoring or Dressmaking Establishment – Custom
Television or Receiving Set Installation or Repair
Typesetting – Not Publishing
Uniform, Towel or Linen Supplies
Watch, Clock and Jewelry Repair
Warehouse – Occupied by Insured
Appliance Stores
Aquarium Sales and Supply Store
Art and Craft Supplies Stores
Automobile Parts and Supplies Stores – Not tire dealers
Bakeries – No consumption on premises
Bars & Taverns
Barber or Beauty Supply Stores – no mixing or “private” labels
Bath Shops
Bicycle Stores 59500 59505 3 – S
Blanket and Bedspread Stores
Books and Magazine Stores
Bowling Alleys
Brick-a-Brac or Curios
Camera and Photographic Supply Stores
Camping Equipment Sales
Candle Shops – no manufacturing
Candy, Nut and Confectionery Stores
Card Shops – Greeting, not Collectible
Carpet Stores
Catalog Sales Stores
Ceramic Stores
Cheese and Sausage Specialty Stores
China and Glass Stores
Clock Shops
Clothing Stores:

  • Bridal Gowns – Sales and Rentals
  • Children’s and Infant’s wear
  • Ladies’ Lingerie
  • Ladies Specialty
  • Formal Wear
  • Hosiery Shops
  • Men’s or Boys
  • Men’s Specialty
  • Second Hand or Thrift Shops
  • Women’s accessories
  • Women’s or Junior Teen’s
  • Uniforms

Coffee, Tea and Spice Stores – Dry Goods – Not Coffee Shops
Convenience Stores –Beer and wine less than 25% of gross sales
Cosmetic and Perfume Stores – no mixing or sales of their own cosmetics
Craft Shops
Curtain and Drapery Stores
Dairy Products or Butter and Egg Stores
Department or Discount Stores
Dry Cleaners & Laundries
Dry Goods (including Fabrics, Yarns and Piece Goods)
Electronics Stores – Television, Stereo and Phonographic Equipment (including parts and supplies)
Electric Supplies Stores – Stores – No off-premises installation, service or repair
Fabric Stores
Feed, Grain or Hay Distributors
Feed Stores, not Distributors
Fireplace Equipment Stores – no coal or wood stove sales
Five and Ten Cent Stores
Floor Covering Stores – including carpet
Florists – (Professional Liability Coverage Is Available)
Frozen Foods
Fruit and Vegetable Stores – not seasonal
Furniture Stores – full line, no repair, refinishing or upholstery work other than own stock – no second hand goods
Garden and Lawn Supply – See Lawn and Garden Supply
Gasoline Stations
Gift Shops
Glass Sales (window, plate or mirror) Auto glass installation cannot exceed 10%.
Glassware Sales
Golf and Tennis Pro Shops
Grocery Stores – Not Supermarkets – alcoholic beverage sales cannot exceed 20% of gross sales
Hardware Stores – no rental of hazardous equipment no LPG container filling – Lumber sales less than 10% of gross sales
Hearing Aid Centers/Stores (Professional Liability Coverage available)
Hobby Shops
Home Furnishings & Accessories – not appliances or furniture
Jewelry (imitation and novelty only)
Jewelry Stores
Kitchen Accessories Stores
Lamp & Lighting Fixture Stores
Lawn and Garden Supply Stores – no propagation or growing crops
Lawn Mower Sales and Service
Leather Goods – Finished Products – no western tack
Luggage Stores
Marine Supply Stores – no sale, repair or rental of boats, motors, trailers
Meat, Fish, Seafood or Poultry Stores
Music and Video Stores – No Rental
Musical Instruments
Newspaper Stores and Stands
Office Furniture Stores – not office machines
Office Machines and Equipment Sales less than 10% rental or leasing
Office Supplies and Stationery
Optical Goods Stores (Professional Liability Coverage Available)
Paint, Wallpaper and Wall Coverings
Painting or Picture Frame Shops
Paper and Paper Products Stores
Pet & Pet Supplies Stores – any animal sales must be retail only
Pharmacies (Professional Liability Available)
Photographic Equipment Supply
Piano and Organ Stores
Plumbing Supplies and Fixtures
Pottery Shops
Power Equipment Sales & Service
Precision & Scientific Tools & Instruments Stores
Premium Coupon Redemption Stores
Printing and Book Binding Supplies
Religious Goods Stores
Sewing Machines
Shoe Stores
Shoe Stores – with Certified Pedorthist (Professional Liability Available)
Sporting Goods or Athletic Equipment – No Rentals – No firearms
Stationery Stores 59430 59435 3 – H
Strip Malls – Lessor’s Risk Only (up to 50,000 square feet)
Tack Shops
Toy Stores
Trophy Stores – no woodworking
Vacuum Cleaner Sales and Service – with less than 10% receipts derived from repair or service operation
Variety Stores
Video Rentals – with retail sales
Warehouse – Occupied by Insured – Classify as Lessors Risk based upon the insured’s operations

Appliance and Home Furnishing – Household Type – No installation, service or repairAquarium Supplies
Architect’s Supplies
Art, Craft and Hobby Supplies
Automobile Parts and Supplies
Baked Goods – No baking on premises
Baker’s Supplies
Bar Fixtures & Supplies
Barber and Beauty Shop Equipment and Supplies
Bath Accessories – not plumbing supplies
Beer and Ale Distributors
Beer Dispensing and Cooling Equipment
Beverage Dispensing Supplies
Billiard Equipment and Supplies
Bolt, Nut & Screws
Books and Magazines – No “Adult”
Bowling Lane Equipment & Supplies
Candy, Nut and Confectionery
Canvas Goods and Supplies
Cash Registers and Supplies
Ceramic Supplies
Church Furnishings
Clothing or Wearing Apparel Distributors
Coal, Minerals and Ores
Coffee and Tea
Contractors Equipment
Cosmetics, Toiletries, Perfume
Dairy Products or Butter and Egg
Data Processing Supplies – not hardware
Delicatessen Provisions
Dental Equipment and Supplies
Display Fixtures and Materials
Drafting Room Equipment and Supplies
Dry Goods – other than clothing
Electrical Equipment and Supplies
Electronics – Television, Stereo and Phonographic Equipment (including parts and supplies) – Not Computers
Equipment, Fixtures or Supplies for bars, hotels, offices, restaurants or stores
Fabric or Cloth Distributors
Fence Distributors
Fireplace Equipment
Floor Covering
Frozen Food
Fruit or Vegetable Distributors
Gardening and Light Farming Supplies
Glass – Window, plate and mirror
Heating or Combined Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment
Hearing Aid Supplies
Home Improvement Supplies
Janitorial Supplies
Jewelry (imitation and novelty only)
Juice and Syrups
Kitchen Accessories
Lamps and Lighting Fixtures
Laundry Equipment – Commercial
Machine Tools – not hand tools
Marine Supplies – no sale or repair of boats, motors or trailers
Meat, Fish, Seafood or Poultry Distributors
Medical Equipment & Supplies
Music Tape or Records
Musical Instruments
Office Machines, Equipment and Supplies
Optical Goods
Paint, Wallpaper and Wall Coverings
Paper and Paper Products Distributors
Pet Supplies – no animals
Photographic Equipment and Supplies
Plumbing Supplies and Fixtures
Printing and Book Binding Supplies
Refrigeration Equipment Distributors – Commercial only
Restaurant Equipment
Rubber and Plastic Stamps
Sewing Machines
Sporting Goods – Not specializing in guns, ammunition, skateboards, skis or surfboards
Stationery Supplies
Store Fixtures – Not refrigeration equipment