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Our Shop Once Service is the core of our business and it’s our way to provide the best service we can to our clients that insure their autos and home with us. Learn all about our Shop Once Service that we provide to our clients that chose to insure both their autos and home with us!

When was the last time your present company or agent told you that you’re paying too much for auto and home insurance?

Insure both your autos and home with our agency and we will automatically shop your rates for you as often as once a year!

We automatically shop your rates if…

your premiums go up by 10 percent or $ 100.00 on the year

you have some sort of lifestyle change which impacts your rates:

* you get married

* add a teen age driver

* purchase a new vehicle or home

What if there has been no change in your premiums or lifestyle, but you are wondering if you can get a better deal on your auto and home insurance? Just give us a call or shoot us an email and tell us to:

Shop My Rates!

We will be glad to shop your rates as often as once a year! Our Shop Once Service will not only you save you money, but also time.

The bottom line is….

We never want to lose you as a client because of price.

Our Shop Once Service could save you thousands of dollars over your lifetime!