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One of our companies, Pekin Insurance, has just introduced pet health insurance that can be added to their homeowner’s policies. We think this is unique to the marketplace and compares very favorably against stand alone pet health insurance policies.

This home insurance endorsement provides medical coverage for accidental injury or illness to your cat or dog. This coverage is subject to a deductible and co-insurance.

Here’s some additional information/restrictions about the coverage:

1. Coverage is not available for any Pit Bull, Rotweiler, or dogs that you have excluded for coverage on your current Pekin homeowner’s policy.

2. Coverage is not available for preventive care, pre-existing conditions or congential defects or abnormalities.

3. There is a wating period of 24 hours for injury and 14 days for illness before coverage goes into effect.

4. There is a minimum age limit of 6 weeks for both cats and dogs.

5. For new business, the maximum age is 8 years for dogs and 10 years for cats.

6. Coverage available with a $ 2,500 or $ 5,000 limit per animal per policy period.

7. Coverage is available for up to 4 pets per household.

8. There is a $ 100 deductible with a 10% co-insurance payment by the insured per illness or injury.

Example: If you have a covered claim of $ 1,500, the first 10% “coinsurance” is applied and $ 150 is deducted from the covered amount, leaving $ 1,350.00. Then the “deductible” of $ 100 is applied leaving a total reimbursement of $ 1,250.

The following annual rates apply per animal:


Please give us a call or complete the quick contact form above and we will be glad to provide you a quote on your home insurance with the added benefit of pet health insurance.

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