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Reviews & Testimonials


Drew Smith: Thanks for the great insurance quotes today Agent Clint! Your the man even with bad driving records you still found us the lowest possible insurance!

Cathy Deardoff: Year after year, LuAnn (Shop Once Insurance) continues to find me the best prices and coverages.

Chelsie Marie Salyer: I have have been with this insurance company since I turned 16 and will never go anywhere else!

Vicki Agee: I highly recommend Shop Once Insurance. I have had my home & auto coverage with them for years. You can’t find better people to work with, & I personally know you can trust & count on them.

Charles Leib: A very satisfied customer of 5 years…

Sheri Hoffman Owens: We have had our auto and homeowners insurance with them for years. They are always helpful, prompt, and reasonable!

Becky Beckett: We have been with them since they first started out and would recommend them highly. They are the best. We have had nothing but the best experiences with them always very helpful.

Kimberly Leonard: Love my coverage/policy, very friendly staff! Thanks so much for all your help!

Doreen Buresh Hampton: Rodney and I are very happy with the courteous and efficiency of your staff and the concern for your customers watching the rates at all times and lowering them if at all possible. Thank You!!!

Tia Kidder Harty: We have had nothing but the best experiences with you all! Thank you!!

Michael Beckett: I like how much you guys simplify things. Less time spent on this stuff for me, and more time for the other parts of life.

Lisa Renois Folger: Great service and the best rates!

Jennifer Foley: Love the rates! I wouldn’t even look for a better deal.

Christa Thomas: Love the new name! Wouldn’t trade you for anyone else!

Tarah Rawlins: Had central insurance (Shop Once) since I started driving and I’ve kept them ever since…they’re great!!

Tim Layne: I have been with Central Insurance Agency (Now “Shop Once Insurance”) for almost 25 years!

Ron Hodges: Love the rates, and customer service.

Lydia Sizemore: Been with this insurance for years love it

Dylan Fraunknecht: Shop Once has the best rates around!

Kristi Smith Blevins: Satisfied longtime customer. This company is very friendly and helpful.

Laurie Ann Wenger: Absolutely very trustful company that I have all my insurance needs. Car, Home, Camper and Motorcycle.

Karrie Thompson: We have had this company for many many years and have never thought of going anywhere else…They have been wonderful to us.

Kim Donohue: Shop Once – Great place to to get insurance at an awesome price!

Todd Leach: The best insurance company we have had yet!

Trisha Jewell: I would suggest Shop Once Insurance to everyone, they are friendly, efficient, and nice to work with.